Ever since I can remember, I’ve enjoyed writing. As a child, I used it as a way to express myself and get those big emotions out on paper. I’ve always had a way with written words and much prefer those over spoken ones. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve used this skill in my personal and professional life- helping friends and colleagues with their college essays (slightly unethical, I know), wedding speeches, resumes, business projects, and websites.

I’ve worked in several professional roles over the years, including one as a business owner, where I’ve capitalized on my ability to write well and now I creatively do it as a blogger just for kicks. I’d love to hone in on this skill of mine and take it on the road (figuratively speaking) in order to assist you with those words that may be escaping you. When I’m finished, there will be nothing left unsaid.

To check out my personal blog, click the WordPress link below and enjoy: