Q: Do all packages include communication with you?

Yes! I will communicate with you throughout the entire process. Prior to beginning on the project, all terms will be laid out and agreed upon. During the process, I will send rough drafts to you and provide edits as needed until the writing piece is perfect for you.

Q: Are there any writing topics that are off limits?

I reserve the right to refuse any project as I see fit. However, typically, unless your requested project is tied to an issue of legality, I will write it for you!

Q: Does Secret Ink provide a service for edits only?

Yes! You would be charged a flat fee only, unless verbiage was added to your writing piece.

Q: Do you own the rights to your work?

No! As a ghostwriter, I transfer those rights to the client once the piece is completed, in exchange for a fee that is agreed upon upfront.

Q: What is the refund policy in the instance that I am not satisfied with my completed writing piece?

I will work with you every step of the way to make sure you are 100% ecstatic about the outcome of your finalized project.