• Good writing paints a picture. It tells a story. All stories need a beginning, middle, and an end but all you’ve got so far is writer’s block. This is where I come in.

    Hi, I’m Britney. Think of me as your personal ghostwriter, your right-hand(ed) woman behind the scenes, the ink slinger in disguise. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. They will never know your words weren’t 100% authentically yours. At Secret Ink, plagiarism is totally acceptable. I will assist you in coming up with ideas, putting the final touches on or even writing your work for you, entirely- whatever it is that you have a need for.

    Whether you need content for your website, you’re drawing a blank on your work presentation, or even need a little help writing your own wedding vows (no judgement), don’t panic- I’ve got you covered. Answer a few questions for me, let me perfect the right words tailored to your specific project, and then sign it sincerely, you. It’s that simple.